The General Election Explained (stolen from FB)

Ok so let me get this right……’The Conservatives won…but lost …Labour lost ….but won….the SNP won and lost in Scotland, but still won and the Conservatives won in Scotland, but lost.. .the government was Tory, but now can’t be even though it is still and they need to make some Northern Irish chaps Tory, so they can be in charge, even though they were and still are…UKIP lost, but because of brexit they already won …Independents won, but didn’t win because they don’t have a party, so they lost but are now MPs so they won …the winner ( May ) is being told to resign because she didn’t win and she won’t because she won.’
And to top it off, Sturgeon choked on her porridge, Parliament is hung, yet they are all still alive and breathing …….

All seems perfectly straight forward to me….


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